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This is Data Science! Speaker schedule

This is Data Science! Speaker series

Fri, Feb 19, 2016 - 9:52pm to Fri, May 6, 2016 - 9:52pm
Aidekman Research Center (CMBN)
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Patrick Shafto

I am happy to announce the Data Science speaker series and line-up for the spring 2016. As you will see, the speakers span education, text analysis, computational neuroscience and from rising stars to established leaders in their fields. The goal is to show off the many ways in which data science is affecting diverse areas of scholarship. Talks are all scheduled for Fridays at 2:30 in Aidekman's first floor auditorium. I look forward to seeing you there!


2/5/2016 - Ryan Baker, Associate Professor of Cognitive Studies in Education, Columbia University Teachers College. Research area: Educational data mining. 371A Smith Hall

2/19/2016 - Eugene Wu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University. Research area: Visualization and databases 

3/25/2016 - Brenden Lake, Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellow Center for Data Science, NYU, Research area: Computational models of human and machine cognition

4/8/2016 - Stephan Mandt, Postdoctoral Researcher in the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering, Columbia University. Research area: Statistical machine learning 

4/15/2016 - Barbara Engelhardt, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, Princeton University. Research area: Statistical models and methods for analysis of high-dimensional data and biological mechanisms of complex phenotypes and human diseases.

4/22/2016 - Mark Finlayson, Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, Florida International University. Research area: Computational models of narrative

5/6/2016 - Nathaniel Daw, Professor of Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Department of Psychology, Princeton University. Research area: Reinforcement learning from computational, neural, and behavioral perspectives